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Artificial turf putting greens provide a realistic playing experience, offering the same ball reaction as real bent grass. They don’t require any water or mowing, and can be designed to fit the shape of your backyard. With the help of professional installation, you can make sure that it is expertly positioned and ready for use in no time. Whether you’re looking for an aesthetic addition to your yard or something more functional, artificial turf putting greens can help you achieve any goal.

artificial turf putting green construction

When it comes to realistic design for putting greens, you can count on 20 years of experience in golf course construction to bring you superior build methods. Expert-crafted and aesthetically pleasing, our greens are designed with the golf player in mind, from the detailed shaping of each green to the strategy and speed requirements for proper ball roll playability. We specialize in creating captivating details that draw the eye towards features of strategic importance and aesthetics when playing around one of our greens.

Designing a putting green can be a passionate and engaging experience. Personal approaches, as well as professional expertise, are necessary for creating the perfect outdoor putting space. Utilizing modern ideas and combining them with classic approaches to design make the job of a putting green designer satisfying and enjoyable. With an eye for detail, creativity, and the right tools, professionals can create golf environments that challenge and motivate their clients.

artificial turf putting golf course

Let us help you create an immersive realism unlike any other - on a putting green that will stand up to heavy use and weather while blending perfectly into its natural setting.

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