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About Arizona TurfCo

At Arizona TurfCo we combine expert installation techniques with high-quality products to create beautiful, long-lasting landscapes.  Our products range from landscape accents and lawns, to custom putting greens.  

When you choose Arizona TurfCo, you are choosing quality.  Remember, not all turf installations are equal.  It is important to choose an installer like Arizona TurfCo that uses the proper techniques, which comes from experience and the desire to install a flawless product that our customers will enjoy for years to come.

Artificial turf with stepping stones

Our Process

Our process was developed from over 10 years in the artificial turf installation industry, combined with over 15 years in the landscape and golf design/build industry.  Our lawn applications are installed with the upmost detail and integrity.  Our golf projects are unmatched in realism and design aesthetics. 

Site Prep

At this stage we remove any sod if applicable.  We also investigate any underground wires, irrigation, etc.  We cap any irrigation under turf areas to prevent any settling down the road.  At this point we will do any rough grading to existing area if needed.  Finally, a weed block material will be installed only if sod has been removed.  Note: we do not install weed block for pet applications as it inhibits drainage.

Base Installation

1/4" minus material is used from grading and compaction to reach desired grade.  We will work with the homeowner to address any drainage issues at this stage.  After proper grade is achieved, the entire are will be compacted to prevent any future settlement.

Turf Installation

The turf is rolled out in the desired area and stretched to prevent any wrinkles during the hotter months.  After the turf, is properly stretched, it is precisely cut to match the designated area.  Next,  we install nails around the perimeter and seams, if applicable.  After the turf in cut and secured in place, we begin the infill process.  Turf infill can range from silica sand to anti-microbial pellets.  The chosen infill is distributed evenly among the turf and finally the blades and brushed up using a power broom. 

Finishing Steps

The final process is to go through the entire project and check for details.  We look at the seams, all the edges, and any look blades that need to be addressed.  We finish every job with a thorough site clean up!

Note:  The above process is a basic outline of a typical lawn installation.  Keep in mind each project in unique

and brings it's own challenges, Putting green installations are much more involved.

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